Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scrapping Space

Everyone who crafts needs a space in which to create. Sometimes it's the kitchen table, others have whole studios in which to putter. I started with the kitchen table, years ago, and have slowly expanded my space. I now have a whole room - a small one, but a space all my own.

I am very lucky in this, but it spoils me for when I go to crops. I never seem to be able to take everything I want! I also have a hard time keeping it tidy. When nothing but crafting goes on in the space, there's little incentive to clean up the project(s) at the end of the day. After all, I'll be coming back to it, right?

Well Shelley is having a contest right now. To enter, you have to submit pics of your scrapbooking space. Do I need to enter? Nope. But as a design team member and instructor, I kind of have to provide the photos. So I spent a few hours (I won't say exactly how many, it's embarrassing), cleaning and sorting and putting away. My space is now something I am proud to show off. So here it is:

This is my supplies wall. I love these cabinets! We picked them up at Canadian Tire a few years ago, and I really don't know how I did without them. I also have my paper in racks, divided by colour, and of course my stamps up top where I can see them easily. The drawers are full of tools, embellishments, idea books and more. It's hard to read the wall decal, but it says "So many toys, so little time." Isn't that the truth!?!

This is where all the action happens. I have my punches within reach, thanks to my wonderful hubby, Trevor. I also have my favourite brads, eyelets and markers close to hand - not to mention the ever useful Cricut. Hidden behind my marker caddy is my Tassimo coffee maker - for those late-night crafting sessions! (And yes, there is a fridge in my space. Sadly, it's just our basement fridge, and holds nothing more exciting than a few extra jugs of milk and some soft drinks...)Here, to the left of where I sit to craft, I have my ink caddies, ribbon, my Big Shot, more storage, this time for projects in progress (and things still to scrapbook.) The quote on the wall is from Stampin' Up! and is the definition of "create". The extra table is there more for storage than anything else, but I do use it for extra crafting space in a pinch (usually when I'm switching between projects without putting things away!)

Now off to bed with me, as it's late. If I get all of my schoolwork out of the way early tomorrow, maybe I'll actually have time to make something in my newly cleaned space!

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